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Advance Kitten Plus Growth

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Advance Kitten Plus Growth - Chicken


Highest Quality Australian chicken


Days Feeding - 26

Based on a 1.1kg (12wk) female.


Advanced Taste

A complete and balanced diet containing nutrients for growth and brain development.


Feeding Guide



Male Kitten Female Kitten
Age of Kitten
(in weeks)
Bodyweight (kg) Amount
of food (g/day)
Bodyweight (kg) Amount
of food (g/day)
8 0.9 50 0.7 39
12 1.3 69 1.1 59
16 2 91 1.6 73
24 3 114 2.2 84
32 3.6 1.5 2.6 76
40 4 102 3 76
48 4.5 80 4 71
>48 >4.5 AAC >4 AAC

1 Standard metric cup = 115g. The above is a guide only.
* AAC - ADVANCE Adult Cat diet



Suitable for Gestation / Lactation

ADVANCE Kitten Growth diet has been designed and is suitable for the most demanding lifestage of a gestating & lactating Queen. We recommend feeding the Queen this diet from gestation onwards, as this makes it easier to wean their kittens when they are ready.

Helps Strengthen the Immune System

ADVANCE contains a unique blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Taurine, and plant extracts containing carotenoids (Lycopene and Lutein). These selected ingredients have been clinically proven to increase the level of antioxidants in your pet. Antioxidants are essential for your pet’s cellular repair and are a natural defence against Australia’s harsh climatic conditions.

Brain Development

ADVANCE Kitten Growth diet contains enhanced levels of DHA and Choline for brain development, making it the intelligent food of choice.

Shiny Coat & Healthy Skin

ADVANCE contains enhanced levels of zinc and linoleic acid. Studies have shown supplementing the diet with additional zinc and linoleic acid helps improve skin & coat condition. Enhanced coat lustre and softness helps your pet look their best.

Reduces Litter Box Odour

ADVANCE has added Yucca Extract to help reduce litter box odours. More Australian cats are spending time indoors and litter box odour control is relevant for a happy household.






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