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Virbac Pulse - 8 5ltr (discontinued)

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Pulse-8 - 5L

PULSE-8® is a concentrated liquid vitamin supplement formulated to achieve maximum energy, stamina and performance, in horses under stress and pressure of physical training and competition.

Original scientifically balanced essential liquid vitamin supplement developed exclusively for performance horses.

  • Concentrated liquid source of 10 vitamins.
  • Uniquely packaged into 2 individual vitamin formulations – to provide the longest shelf life of vitamins available.
  • Maximum freshness and stability – light proof and air proof packaging maintains maximum freshness, stability and potency.
  • Highly palatable flavoured syrup.

Recommended for use in:

  • Horses on “Complete Feed” diets
  • Horses in hard training
  • Yearlings in sale preparation
  • ‘Track sour’ horses
  • Maximum utilization of high energy diets
  • Maintaining appetite

Dosage and Administration:

Horses 450kg: Mix 30 mL of PART A and 30 mL of PART B well into the feed daily. Alternatively, the measured solutions may be drawn into an oral syringe and deposited on the back of the tongue. Parts A and B may be mixed together at feeding time without any loss of potency.

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