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Equihoney Wound Honey 50g


Equihoney Wound Honey

Wound Honey is the ultimate natural healing product for fresh and open wounds. Using only the highest, medical grade Manuka Honey 830+, Wound Honey is proven to be high in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Wound Honey assists the body to avoid infection while keeping the wound moist and doesn’t damage skin cells like many traditional treatments that include iodine and other harsh chemicals leading to increased scarring. Manuka Honey also assists to debride wounds removing thickened, damaged and dead tissues and promotes regrowth.

Good To Know

  • Highly anti-bacterial to reduce infections.
  • Highly anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and pain
  • Naturally debrides dead and damaged tissue from wounds
  • Assists to heal stubborn wounds or skin conditions
  • Doesn't dry out wound sites like other topical treatments can and keeps skin moist to optimise rapid healing
  • Helps reduce scarring
  • Non-stinging and non-swabbable

What can I use it for?

Suitable for use on:

  • Open and fresh wounds
  • Skin damage and conditions

How to use Scar Balm

Gently clean and dry affected area. Apply liberally using fingers. Apply daily or more often if required. Cover wound if possible and if required. For serious or infected wounds, seek veterinary advice. Store below 30°C. Safe for use on people and other animals. Please patch test.


100% Pure Medical grade 900+ Manuka Honey


Equine Healing + Health , Powered by Manuka

Providing the ultimate in Equine healing and health with the proven and unparalleled benefits of Manuka Honey.

  • 100% Australian Made and Owned
  • All Natural Ingredients

Bees and Sustainability

Equihoney aims to operate as sustainably as possible, which also means taking care of the welfare of the bees. We only buy our honey from reputable Australian beekeepers who we know treat their bees like family. Celeste is also a beekeeper herself having kept bees since 2015.

Why we do what we do

Accidents happen and horses deserve the very best outcomes possible when things do occur. At Equihoney we believe we have created the ultimate in natural healing products that improve the outcomes for horses and reduce their discomfort and pain. What better reason could there be!

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