Shampoos, Conditioners and Grooming

​ A regular weekly grooming routine is essential for ensuring your dog feels and looks their best. It is essential that you bath your dog using pet shampoo rather than human shampoo as dog’s skin has a different pH level and use of a human shampoo can lead to a change in pH and an environment where bacteria can multiply and cause irritation. If your dog is suffering from a particular skin irritation such as allergic dermatitis, a medicated shampoo such as Malaseb or Pyohex is often used to clear up the problem. Alternatively if your dog is suffering from flea allergy, a specialised flea shampoo is recommended. In between baths, regular brushing, nail trimming and ear and eye care are also recommended with products such as Kong Zoom Groom, Gripsoft Nail Clippers and Petkin Ear and Eye Wipes.