Flea Treatment for Dogs | Aussie Vet Products

An all year round Flea treatment is vital for keeping your four legged pal safe and healthy in both summer and winter. Fleas can cause both the pet and their owner serious distress. Dogs can be infested with fleas from other pets or animals or the environment. Signs of adult fleas can include; scratching, rubbing and biting behaviour and red inflamed skin. Extensive flea bites and itching can also lead to hair loss and anaemia. Flea treatment for dogs such as Comfortis, Frontline, Panoramis, Advantage and Capstar work quickly to kill the adult fleas on your dog and can prevent flea allergy dermatitis.

Did you know that the female adult flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day? A regular monthly flea treatment for your dog is an essential step in breaking the flea lifecycle. We recommend products that kill all stages of the flea lifecycle like: Advantage, Advocate, Frontline Plus, Advantix & Revolution.