My male dog is urinating on my bed. Please Help!

Author: Dr Simon  

Courtney writes:

Dear Dr Simon,

I've recently moved in with a friend who has a 12 month old male French bulldog who is not desexed. I have a 5 yr old male Pom. Both are chalk and cheese. Ralph, my Pom, is placid and not interested in anything but chilling out. Louis, frenchie, is always harassing him and sniffing his junk. My housemate and I sleep with our own dogs in separate rooms. Lately Louis has been sneaking into my room and urinating on bed. I've started closing my door but if it's only for 10 min while I'm in the shower he still does it.



Dr Simon Responds:

Hi Courtney,

Thanks so much for your interesting question.

I can say with confidence that the problem is most likely caused by Louis not being desexed. By urinating on your bed he is trying to assert his dominance but is in fact just frustrating you!

Having Louis desexed will also most likely stop him from sniffing at Ralph as this is a sexualised behaviour caused by his hormone levels.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

Kind regards,

Dr Simon