My Siamese Fighting Fish is sick. Please help

Author: Aussie Vet Products   Date Posted:30 May 2014 


My Siamese fighting fish is looking really sick and has stopped swimming and I don’t know what to do?



Hi Kathryn,

I’m sorry to hear your Siamese fighting fish isn’t feeling too well!

These fish are used to tropical climates and need a stable pH level and temperature at all times.

If you do not already have one, I recommend buying a heater for your tank and making sure it is set at an even temperature of about 25-27 degrees Celsius. You also need to make sure the tank is not kept in a place where the temperature fluctuates regularly such as on a window sill as this can stress your fish.

pH level is also important for Siamese Fighting fish. The pH of the water in your tank should be kept at around 7.0. You can test it using a kit such as the Blue Planet Freshwater pH Test Kit.


I hope this helps your little fish get back to his normal self!

Dr Simon