My Horse is rubbing its backside against the fence, what should I do?

Author: Aussie Vet Products   Date Posted:7 August 2014 

John Writes:

My horse is rubbing his backside against the fence, what should I do?


Hi John,

It sounds as though your horse is suffering from a severe itch of some kind. My guess would be it could be caused from an allergy associated with insect bites (midges) or an internal parasite such as pin worms.

I suggestion would be to worm your horse immediately with Ammo horse worming paste or Strategy T which will both help to kill any pin worms that could be irritating your horses backside.

Alternatively if your horse is suffering Queensland itch as a result of sand flies or midge bites I recommend protecting with a product called permoxin. This product can be diluted in a spray bottle with methylated spirits for a rapid drying time.

As well as treating the skin with permoxin you can also use a light summer rug to prevent the insects from biting the skin.


Dr Simon.