Dust mite allergen spray

  • Allergoff Spray provides protection against initial allergy symptoms in infants and children who are genetically predisposed to allergies.
  • Allergoff Spray inhibits the progression of allergic reactions in individuals experiencing initial symptoms of sensitisation to allergens.
  • Allergoff Spray safeguards individuals experiencing established allergy symptoms, preventing the worsening of allergies and enhancing their overall quality of life.

How does the spray work?

  • Allergoff Allergen Neutralising Spray aids in the prevention of allergies and the occurrence of prevalent allergic conditions like hay fever, asthma, and atopic eczema in infants.
  • For those who have already developed these conditions (hay fever, asthma, atopic eczema, allergic conjunctival inflammation), Allergoff Spray assists in minimizing and averting common symptoms. It has undergone clinical trials, demonstrating its efficacy in reducing the need for anti-allergic medication.

How to use the spray?

Simply spray Allergoff Spray onto areas such as mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpet, rugs, curtains, air conditioning filters (remove filter from air conditioner before applying product), car safety seats, car upholstery, plush toys, pillow, etc. Creating a clean and allergen-free environment within your home, work, school, car.

Is the spray certified?

Certified by the National Institute of Public Health National Institute of Hygiene