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Advantage for Dogs Over 25kg (Blue)

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Advantage for dogs over 25kg is a safe, easy to use topical application for killing:

  •        Adult fleas on the dog
  •        Flea larvae
  •        Lice

Its active ingredient stops fleas from biting within 3-5 minutes, reducing the risk of flea allergy dermatitis, while killing 100% of existing fleas on the dog within 12 hours of application.

There is also proven ability to destroy 99% of flea larvae in your pet’s surroundings.

Advantage is water fast after 2 hours, and will continue to work even after bathing and shampooing.

Can be used on puppies from 2 days of age.


  •        Part the hair on the back of the neck in between the shoulder blades
  •        Squeeze the whole pipette directly onto the skin
  •        Use once a month all year round to break the flea life cycle

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