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Apparent Diuron 900 15kgs

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Apparent Diuron 900 15kgs

For selective weed control in the situations as per the Directions for Use table.

Apparent Diuron 900 WG Herbicide is a powerful weedkiller which remains active in the soil for a long time. Use only at recommended rates and read label directions carefully before using. The effects of this product on weeds are slow to appear and will not become apparent until it is carried into the root zone of the weeds or weed seeds by moisture. Results vary with soil type – lower rates are effective on lighter soils and higher rates on heavier soils.

This product is most effective and economical when applied to moist bare soil or soil carrying a small amount of vegetation. Application should be made shortly before the period of main weed growth and best results will be achieved if rainfall or irrigation occurs within 3 - 4 days of application. Where additional “knockdown” is required, 600 g/L non ionic surfactant at the rates of 250 - 500 mL per 100 L of water should be added. If existing herbage is excessive, it is advisable to mix Paraquat 250 with Apparent Diuron 900 WG Herbicide.

This product is inactivated by absorption onto charcoal and other carboniferous materials


900 g/kg Diuron


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