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Apparent Whirlwind Tebuconazole 10L


Apparent Whirlwind Tebuconazole 10L

General Instructions

Before opening, carefully read Directions for Use, Precautionary Statements, Safety Directions and First Aid Instructions. Weeds should be sprayed while actively growing and at their most susceptible stage. As a general guide, annuals should be sprayed when young and perennials just prior to appearance of bud stage. Extremes of cold or drought are unfavourable. The best conditions are when soil is moist, weather fine and rain unlikely within 6 hours following application. Do not spray weeds outside the stages indicated in “Critical Comments” as damage, loss of yield or inadequate weed control may result. Do not spray in high winds.

Application/Mixing Information

This product mixes readily with water. Half fill the spray tank with clean water and add the required amount of product.

  • Agitate thoroughly before adding remainder of water.
  • Boom Spraying: Use 30-120L/ha of water.
  • Aerial Spraying: Use 10-90L/ha of water.

Equipment maintenance and usage

Equipment that has been used for this chemical should not be used for the application of other materials to sensitive plants unless it has been well washed out with Spraymate Tank & Equipment Cleaner followed by several clear water rinses.

Compatibility/Tank Mixes

  • This product can be mixed with Kamba*, Bromicide*, Flowable Diuron, Flowable Terbutryn, Glean*/Siege*, APPARENT
  • Glyphosate, Roundup*, Grasp*, Diclofop-Methyl 375 Selective Herbicide, Triasulfuron 750 WG Herbicide, APPARENT
  • Panther Selective Herbicide, Nugrex/Tigrex*, Lontrel*/Archer*, Propon, Puma*.
  • When tank mixing, add the required amount of compatible product when the spray tank is nearly full and while.
  • continuously agitating. If left overnight, agitate thoroughly before spraying. When mixing with Diclofop-Methyl 375 EC
  • Selective Herbicide add an approved Wetter 1000 Surfactant and do not exceed 700mL of APPARENT MCPA 570 LVE
  • Herbicide per hectare. For consistent results, use a minimum of 80L water per ha by ground and 30L by air, and if wild oats are present, use 2L Diclofop-Methyl 375 EC Selective Herbicide per hectare.

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