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Cal-Plus with Biotin - Complete Bone and Hoof Supplement

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Cal-Plus with Biotin - Complete Bone and Hoof Supplement

  • A calcium, biotin and vitamin supplement for healthy, strong bones and hooves in horses.
  • A treatment that promotes the growth and formation of the hoof as well as the integrity of the hoof wall.
  • A preventative and remedy for brittle, cracked and broken hooves.

Recommended for use in:

  • All horses on grain-based diets.
  • Foals and young horses.
  • Pregnant mares.
  • Horses fed on sub-tropical grasses and hays.
  • Horses with hoof problems, such as cracks, brittleness and separation of the white-line.

CAL-PLUS® WITH BIOTIN is to be mixed into the horse’s feed.
Mix the recommended dosage well into the ration. One level scoopful contains 30 g of CAL-PLUS® WITH BIOTIN. The following recommended dose rates have been calculated to satisfy the calcium requirements based on common diets and activity:




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