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Deadline DIY Termite Baiting Kit


Deadline DIY Termite Baiting Kit

Easy to Use. Professional White Ant/Termite Elimination System.

Deadline DIY Termite Baiting Kit provides everything you need to protect your home against termites!

  • Monitor- Bait- Eliminate
  • Easy to Use
  • Professional White Ant/Termite Elimination System
  • Cost Effective
  • Made and Developed in Australia
  • DIY and Save Thousands $$$
  • Protect Homes, Commercial Premises, Farms and Machinery Sheds

Simply install the Monitor & Bait Stations around the perimeter of your property at intervals of 3-5 metres and place the Native Baitwood Blocks & Feeding accelerator in the stations.

Monitor stations for Termite activity every 8 – 12 weeks. Should Termite activity occur place Deadline Bait in the station in accordance with the label. Baited stations should be inspected every 3-8 weeks with the more frequent inspections occurring during the initial stages of termite feeding. Once the colony has been eliminated, the Deadline bait is removed, and fresh timber interceptors are placed in the stations. Continue to monitor stations on a regular basis.

Complete DIY system that includes:

  • 4 x 100g Deadline Bait (Chlorfluazuron)
  • 10 x 50g Deadline Feeding Accelerator
  • 10 x Monitor & Bait Stations
  • 20 x Native Baitwood Blocks

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