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Equine Coat Gold - Supports coat and hair health in Horses

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Equine Coat Gold - Supports coat and hair health in Horses

Unique patent Veterinary formulation designed with essential amino acids to support type I, II and III collagen formation.

Equine COAT GOLD is 100% produced in Australia at a fully Certified Australian Veterinary Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine (APVMA) Approved Laboratory. All the staff involved in the production of COAT GOLD are dedicated to the production of the highest quality product with the highest quality ingredients.


  • Supports coat and hair health:
  • Patent veterinary formulation with a unique blend of turmeric, coconut, amino acids, vitamins and minerals involved with supporting keratin production
  • Turmeric may provide therapeutic benefits for skin and coat health
  • Coconut milk has a role in maintaining healthy hair growth
  • Hair is a protein filament, 95% of which is keratin, a fibrous double amino acid chain
  • COAT GOLDTM contains the essential amino acid building blocks for the production of keratin
  • Keratin double helix chains are bound with chemical disulphide bridges. COAT GOLDTM contains MSM which may donate sulphur to these bridges, strengthening and adding rigidity and resistance to the hair and coat
  • The sulphur in MSM can be assimilated into methionie and cysteine – both sulphur containing amino acids essential for keratin production
  • Zinc is involved in maintaining the immune system and the integrity of hair
  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Manufactured in an APVMA approved laboratory
  • Specifically designed and made in Australia for our diverse and harsh conditions.


Directions for use:

30 g scoop included

Feed Rates

  • Up to 350 kg: 1 scoop daily
  • 350-650 kg: 2 scoops daily
  • Over 650 kg: 3 scoops daily

As a supplement, COAT GOLD is a convenient powder that binds well in a moistened feed, bran mash, molasses or water.

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