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Founder Guard

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Reduces the risk of laminitis in horses and ponies when fed in conjunction with high grain diets.

  • Clinically proven preventative supplement for feed induced laminitis and founder
  • Formulated to ensure delivery of the active drug to the hind gut
  • Allows high grain diets to be fed safely
  • Proven to control the build up of lactic acid in the hind gut
  • Small daily dose, highly palatable

FOUNDERGUARD® should be administered at the full daily dose for at least 3 days prior to any dietary change that involves an increase in grain (starch) or pasture (sugar) intake.
FOUNDERGUARD® is presented as a palatable lucerne-based pellet. It can be fed alone or mixed into a feed.

Individual horses: 5g FOUNDERGUARD® per 100kg bodyweight once daily
Bulk feeding: 1kg FOUNDERGUARD® mixed into 250kg feed concentrate

Introduce the dose incrementally over 4 days starting at ¼-½ the daily dosage. Commencement at the full dosage may result in decreased feed intake during the first week of supplementation.
FOUNDERGUARD® can be fed alone or mixed with other feed ingredients to provide 5g FOUNDERGUARD®/100kg bodyweight per day (e.g. 25g/day for a horse weighing 500kg).
FOUNDERGUARD® can be fed once per day or in 2 equal feeds each of 2.5g/100kg bodyweight. The scoop provided contains approximately 25g when loosely filled. FOUNDERGUARD® can also be administered by inclusion in complete concentrate rations by thoroughly mixing 1kg FOUNDERGUARD®\ with each 250kg of feed.


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