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Glandex Soft Peanut Butter chews

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Glandex Soft Peanut Butter chews

Anal Gland & Digestive Support for Dogs & Cats

Anal gland problems are extremely common in dogs.  Here are the most common symptoms

  • Scooting
  • Licking the rear
  • Foul or fishy odor from your pet
  • Straining to defecate
  • Swelling and/or pain near rear end

Glandex® is an oral supplement that provides anal gland and digestive support in dogs. Anal gland issues are a very common presentation in today’s veterinary practice. With Glandex there is finally a reliable and effective solution that helps to reduce the severity and frequency of anal gland problems. Glandex addresses all of the underlying causes that lead to anal gland issues. This breakthrough formula works from the inside out to bulk and firm the pet’s stools to help naturally empty the anal glands, as well as targeting the underlying inflammation and allergies that trigger anal gland problems


  • Supports healthy anal glands
  • Guaranteed results within 3-5 weeks
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Great tasting chews
  • All-natural premium ingredients


Glandex® is made in the USA with only the highest quality all-natural ingredients including pumpkin seed, apple pectin cellulose, quercetin dihydrate, bromelain, and lactobacillus acidophilus

Directions for Use

Weight                                 Daily dosage (# chews per day)

Dogs under 7kg:                1/2

Dogs 7-11kg                        1 chew

Dogs 12-22kg                     2 chews

Dogs 23-34kg                   3 chews

Dogs over 34kg                4 chews

About Glandex

Glandex® is an all-natural supplement specifically designed for anal gland problems in dogs and cats. Glandex is formulated with the precise amount of fiber to promote natural emptying of the anal glands as well as other key ingredients to target the underlying causes of anal gland problems. Made in the U.S.A.

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