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IAH Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure & Moneco 10kg


Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure & Moneco

Vitamin and mineral supplement with ProN8ure® (formerly Protexin) and Moneco® for milk-fed and weaner calves

  • A fully soluble formulation – Add to whole milk, milk replacer or mix with feed
  • 12 vitamins and 10 minerals (7 trace minerals and 3 electrolytes)
  • Scour Protection - ProN8ure® (formerly Protexin) is included to maximise growth rates and protect calves from scour-inducing bacteria including E. coli, Salmonella and Aeromonas
  • Prevent of Coccidiosis - MONECO® benefits in prevention of coccidiosis by improving a natural immuno-responsiveness to coccidia, and increased weight gains in calves

Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure® (formerly Protexin) and Moneco provides all the benefits of the colostrum advantage with a multi-strain probiotic while Moneco offers prevention of coccidiosis, all in a single easy-to-administer formula. For more information please go to the Datasheet.

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