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IAH Horsport Rehydration & Recovery 1L


Horsport Rehydration & Recovery

Oral rehydration liquid concentrate for performance horses including training, racing, stockhorses, show jumpers, campdrafters, polo & polocrosse and endurance horses.

  • Oral Rehydration Liquid Concentrate - Suitable for all Horses
  • A combination of electrolytes, glycine and glucose, which aids rehydration and helps replace electrolytes
  • Contains essential electrolytes lost in sweat during exercise or transportation
  • Puts back in what sweat takes out

A combination of electrolytes, glycine (an amino acid) and glucose which aids electrolyte replacement resulting from sweat loss during strenuous long distance exercise and transportation especially during hot weather. Rehydration is a very important issue in performance horses as it means faster recovery and a longer peak performance period, with the animal being able to back up faster (e.g. more frequent racing).

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