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IAH Livamol with BioWorma

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Livamol with BioWorma

Biological control for worms with Livamol

Nutritional supplement with the natural biological control, Bioworma®, to reduce infective nematode larvae within the manure of grazing animals

  • Livamol® is the ideal delivery vehicle for BioWorma®, providing a nutritious base of proteins, energy plus added vitamins and minerals
  • An in feed non-chemical biological control for the free-living stages of parasitic gastrointestinal nematodes of grazing animals
  • Acts by substantially reducing the numbers of infective worm larvae emerging from manure onto pasture (including chemical/multi-resistant larvae)
  • Biological control with Duddingtonia flagrans is applicable to the larvae of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats and other grazing animals including Deer, Alpacas and Zoo animals
  • A natural fungus that is safe, non-toxic and residue-free
  • It has no negative effects on non-target soil nematodes, dung beetles, earthworms, microarthropods, soil bacteria and fungi.

Active constituents: Each gram contains: a minimum of 30,000 chlamydospores of Duddingtonia flagrans IAH 1297 See datasheet for full list of active constituents

Ready to use, nutritional supplement containing the world’s first natural biological control, BioWorma, to reduce infective nematode larvae within the manure of grazing animals.

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