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IAH Vitam - Health & Vitality - Dustless Vitamin and Mineral supplement

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VitamĀ® Health & Vitality

Dustless vitamin and mineral supplement for horses

  • Contains 12 vitamins, 9 minerals
  • Dustless supplement

Formulated to the latest scientific requirements to supplement the diets of all types and ages of horses to correct low or inadequate levels in common feeds, hays and pasture.

VITAM provides a comprehensive source of all essential trace-minerals, fat soluble vitamins and B-group vitamins to meet the elevated needs of growing, breeding and working horses, to ensure optimum health and vitality, immune status, growth and fertility, muscle and tendon strength and recovery from the stressful effects of hard training in working and racing horses. It is especially beneficial to show horses to maintain a healthy, evenly coloured coat, and in old horses to maintain vigour and vitality in their senior years.

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