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iO Hobby Farm Block

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iO Hobby Farm Block

iO Hobby Farm Block is a palatable molasses, calcium and phosphorus block fortified with copper, zinc and selenium for breeding and growing stock grazing in areas where mineral deficiencies may occur.

Suitable for all Beef and Dairy Cattle, Horses, Sheep and Goats.

The high level of phosphorus will help overcome deficiencies. Improved growth rates in young stock. Increased wool growth with better tensile strength. Better fertility in breeding stock.

Dose Rates & Administration Instructions:

Place blocks near watering points.

Place sufficient blocks so stock have ready access to blocks.

  • CATTLE: 100 – 200 grams/head/day.

One 100kg block will last 100 head of cattle 10 days. Always place 2-3 blocks per head of cattle.

  • SHEEP & GOATS: 20–40 grams/head/day. One 100kg block will last 350 sheep 10 days.

Always place 2-3 blocks per 500 sheep.

Active Constituent:

ANALYSIS per kg: 5.8% Natural Protein, 5.8% Molasses (approx), 45% Calcium, 9% Phosphorus, 2.4% Sulphur, 1.6% Magnesium, 2% Salt, 2.5% Iodine, 22.5mg Cobalt, 17mg Copper, 40mg Zinc, 565mg Selenium, 5.1mg Vitamin A 54 400IU

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