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iO Potassium Chloride

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Independent’s Own Potassium Chloride

Independent’s Own Potassium Chloride is another electrolyte that is important to a horse’s overall health.

Independent’s Own Potassium Chloride acts as an electrolyte that horses need to supplement heavy training or heavy workloads. Horses involved in heavy training should have their feed supplemented with salt and minerals for horses to replenish neuromuscular nutrients lost in perspiration.

Used for prevention of muscle fatigue and aid in the prevention of tying up.

May also be used to replace potassium and chloride which has been lost through sweat.

Quick Facts & Benefits:

Electrolytes are minerals that occur in your horse’s body in a charged form and are essential to the functioning of many physiological systems.

Replenishes essential nutrients lost during sweat or intense exercise that help with post-event recovery including Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium and Magnesium.

Made in Australia.

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