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Jurox Domoso Roll-On 100gm


Jurox Domoso Roll-On 100gm

  • Flucort Domoso is a topical anti-inflammatory for treatment of acute musculoskeletal conditions in dogs, cats, and horses.
  • Flumethasone is a synthetic flucorticoid with marked anti-inflammatory activity.
  • Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties; enhances the absorption of flumethasone into the affected tissues.

Active Constituent(s)

0.05 mg/g Flumethasone in 600 mg/g (60%) medical grade dimethyl sulfoxide gel


Acute musculoskeletal conditions where inflammatory but non-permanent structural changes exist (e.g. tendinitis, bursitis, carpitis, arthritic entities including osselets and traumatic injuries). Acute and chronic non-infectious dermatoses of varying aetiology, to help control pruritus, irritation and inflammation.


  • Topical application only. Clean and dry the area to be treated. Apply the gel to the affected area using the roll-on applicator 2 or 3 times daily. The solution is rapidly absorbed through the skin and does not need to be rubbed or scrubbed in.
  • Do not mix with other medication except on veterinary advice.
  • Do not bandage the treated area.   

Withholding Period(s)

Do not use in animals producing food for human consumption.

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