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Kelato Pulmonaid

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Kelato Pulmonaid

PulmonAID is a palatable feed supplement for use in the daily feed ration of horses, to aid in strengthening blood vessels in the lungs and breathing passages. Aids in the Strengthening of Cartilage, Capillaries and Blood Vessels in the Lungs and Breathing Passages.

Exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH) or “bleeding” experienced by equine athletes following demanding physical exertion is a problem that has plagued the business of racing horses since its inception. High-intensity exercise results in a significant increase in blood pressure within the lungs and marked negative pressure within the pleural cavity, which can cause the thin pulmonary capillary walls to rupture and release blood cells into the airways.

PulmonAID contains readily absorbable ingredients that help to maintain cell membranes and strengthen the walls of the blood vessels to create stronger, more permeable and resilient capillaries. The capillaries can therefore withstand more pressure from blood flow when blood pressure rises, as well as handle the higher rate of gas exchange inside the lungs during intense exercise.

Why does my horse need PulmonAID?

  • Helps to strengthen pulmonary capillaries
  • Aids in dissolving mucous
  • Maximises lung function
  • Contains no prohibited substances
  • Palatable daily feed additive

This drug free dietary supplement is designed to provide a safe, effective and economical alternative to some of the extremely “harsh” products on the market today.


  • After a horse has suffered a bleeding episode, spell the horse in the paddock for at least 8-12 weeks.
  • While the horse is spelling, commence feeding PulmonAID at 60g (2 level scoops) per 450kg bodyweight per day.
  • Four days prior to a race or strenuous workout, increase the dosage to 120g (4 level scoops) per 450kg bodyweight per day, ensuring you comply with all relevant rules of the competition.
  • When used in this manner, results have shown that horses have improved performance and stamina, with lessened recovery time after competition.


Available in 1.8kg, 6kg and 12.5kg.

Each pack contains a 30g measure.

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