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Kelato Swelldown Clay Poultice

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Kelato Swelldown Clay Poultice

Suitable for: horses with soreness, heat or swelling

This therapeutic clay poultice is designed to remove soreness, heat and swelling to help reduce recovery time. Kelato Swelldown Clay Poultice is easy to apply and wash off, and is also safe to be used on broken skin and wounds. An essential addition to any equine first aid kit!

SwellDown is a fast-acting preparation containing active ingredients which aid in producing a soothing, cooling reduction of inflammation and swelling.

When an injury occurs to an animal heat is generated at the damaged site. The unique mixture of clay and other ingredients has a cooling effect on the injury site.

Often when such injury occurs a wound is present. SwellDown is medicated to help clear up these injuries and because it does not contain lead is safe to use on broken skin and open wounds.

  • Therapeutic clay poultice to help remove soreness, heat and swelling
  • Helps reduce recovery time
  • Easy to use and wash off
  • Safe to be used on broken skin and wounds
  • This non-irritating and non-toxic poultice is easily removed by washing.
  • May be used up to one day before a race

Established in Melbourne in 1988 as Chelated Laboratories Pty Ltd, Kelato Animal Health operate on the premise that horses who feel well perform well. The team at Kelato Animal Health are dedicated to using scientific knowledge teamed with good manufacturing practices to produce health and nutrition products designed to keep your horses looking, feeling and performing their best.


LEGS – Cleanse area thoroughly. To assist as a preventative after racing competition or heavy exercise coat the targeted area with SwellDOWN poultice. To relieve soreness and swelling and for maximum results cover area to be treated with a liberal amount of SwellDOWN poultice and cover with moist paper (preferably brown paper). Then wrap with plastic and hold in place with a quilt or sheet cotton and a standing bandage. Leave in place for 12 to 24 hours then wash off with water. May be used daily.

FEET – To draw out stone bruises and for general hoof soreness pack bottom of hoof with SwellDOWN poultice and hold in place with moist paper (preferably brown paper) or hoof boots.

Available in 2.25kg and 10.4kg

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