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Kohnke's Own Cell-Provide

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Kohnke's Own Cell-Provide

Nutritional supplement specially formulated for lightly worked equestrian, pleasure horses, ponies and miniatures. 

Calcium, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement specifically formulated for light to medium worked,  resting or  aged  horses and ponies. Containing 3 cold-pressed separate SuppletĀ® pellets to help make up shortfalls in common 'cool' and lower energy feeds, chaff and hay.  Also recommended for laminitic horses being fed soaked hay and weight reducing diets.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pelleted nutritional supplement for pleasure and senior horses, ponies and miniatures
  • Most suited to resting, lightly worked horses, pony club ponies, in-hand show horses and aged horses
  • Easily absorbed and digestible nutrients are particularly beneficial for aged horse and ponies

 Unique Design:

  • Premium bone-mineral, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement, tailored to suit pleasure, senior horses, ponies and miniatures
  • Does not add extra energy or sugar to the diet
  • Flexible dose rates for all breeds and sizes
  • Can be easily fed off the hand or mixed into the daily feed, very palatable

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