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Kohnke's Own Cell Vital Premium

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Kohnke's Own Cell Vital Premium

The high performance concentrated and comprehensive mineral, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement for racing and performance horses.

This high performance supplement gives all bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins your racing or high performance horse needs, plus active yeast for hindgut health and nucleotides for energy conversion, gut health and immunity. Features 3 forms of iron for sprint, stamina and oxygen carrying during fast work. No added cobalt.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pelleted, premium nutritional supplement for racing and high performance horses
  • Specifically designed to meet the elevated needs of racehorses and performance horses in high intensity competition
  • Assists digestive efficiency, muscle and immune function in horses stressed by intense training and regular racing

Unique Design:

  • Comprehensive formulation with chelated trace-minerals and potency protected vitamins with higher levels of iron and muscle antioxidants
  • Live active yeasts reduce hindgut acidity and assist conversion of feed to energy
  • Unique separate SuppletĀ® pellets ensures maximum potency and stability of the nutrients for optimum results

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