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Kohnke's Own E-SE Supplets

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Kohnke's Own E-SE Supplets

Concentrated fully organic chelated selenium (as selenomethionine) supplement with vitamin E, vitamin B1 and magnesium for horses. 

Suitable for horses and ponies grazing on selenium deficient pastures, as an economical and easy to feed antioxidant source for horses at risk of 'tying up' and for fertility in breeding horses.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pelleted supplement for muscle health and antioxidant protection
  • Beneficial for horses grazing in areas with selenium deficient soil
  • Supports racing, performance, breeding, growing and resting horses and ponies
  • Muscle antioxidant nutrients can help avoid tying-up in horses

Unique Design:

  • A concentrated source of fully organic, chelated selenium and bioavailable vitamin E
  • Provides nutrients often deficient in Australian pastures
  • Helps to improve muscle function, stamina and assists with optimum fertility

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