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Kohnke's Own Gastro Coat

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Kohnke's Own Gastro Coat

 A Dietary Supplement of Natural Compounds for the Gastro-Intestinal Tract of Horses

The natural and effective supplement to help reduce acid irritation in the stomach and small intestine of horses.  Particularly beneficial to horses regularly training, travelling and competing, Gastro-Coat has multiple actions for optimal gastric health and function.  Fully compatible with omeprazole-based drugs for gastric ulcers, Gastro-Coat is a helpful supplement for horses which experience acid burn, gastric health issues or girthy, unwilling behaviour. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Natural supplement for equine gastric health
  • For all horses showing girthy, unsettled, nappy behaviour or poor appetite.
  • Especially beneficial for those suffering from gastric irritation, stomach pain and gastric ulcers
  • Also helpful for foals suffering from gastric ulcers

Unique Design:

  • Gastro-Coat has multiple actions to help reduce stomach lining irritation from gastric acid.
  • Complementary with gastric ulcer medications
  • Perfect for horses in regular work, stabled horses and those with limited access to roughage as a preventative against acid splash

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