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Kohnke's Own Kleen Sheen

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Kohnke's Own Kleen Sheen

Shampoo with built-in conditioner and colour highlighter for all horses

Shampoo with conditioner and highlighter for brilliant shine and easy washing. Designed for Aussie conditions with long lasting shine, built-in conditioner for the softest coat, foaming shampoo for the quickest wash, no residue or scurf for faster rinse out and less water, advanced highlighter for enhanced coat colour and biodegradable to help the environment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Shampoo with built in conditioner and colour highlighter
  • Suitable for all horses
  • Easily rinses out for low water conditions

Unique Design:

  • Built in colour iridescent purple highlighter enhances coat shine and white socks
  • Extra conditioner gives a tangle free mane and tail
  • Does not strip natural oils from the coat or result in a scurfy, dry coat

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