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Kohnke's Own Palomino Gold

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Kohnke's Own Palomino Gold

 Calcium, Trace-mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Palomino Horses

Calcium, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement for palomino horses. The world's first supplement formulated specifically for Palomino horses to correct low or inadequate intake of important nutrients on 'white' feed diets. When supplemented daily as directed, minimises risk of dark 'smutty' patches on the coat.

Features and Benefits:

  • Nutritional supplement specially formulated for Palominos, Buckskins and other dilutes
  • Particularly beneficial for any horse fed a white feed diet
  • Enhances coat colour intensity and reduces ‘smutty’ in show Palominos

Unique Design:

  • Comprehensive calcium, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement
  • Helps to meet dietary shortfalls of horses and ponies fed a white feed diet
  • Unique separate Supplet® pellets ensures maximum potency and stability of the nutrients for optimum results

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