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Kohnke's Own Troppo Salts

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Kohnke's Own Troppo Salts

A concentrated electrolyte supplement of special physiological salts for horses working and sweating under hot, humid and tropical conditions.

Electrolyte supplement containing important salts for horses under resting, working and sweating in hot, humid or tropical conditions. Contains all essential salts, glucose to assist sodium uptake, Vitamin E and C for optimum salt replenishment in hot and humid weather.  May help horses struggling to sweat (anhydrosis) in tropical regions. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Concentrated electrolyte supplement for horses in hot, humid or tropical weather
  • Also assists horses suffering from anhydrosis
  • Replaces salts lost from sweating in hot and humid weather

Unique Design:

  • Provides essential salts and other vital nutrients required for horses in QLD, NT and northern WA. 
  • Helps to maintain normal sweating behaviour
  • Encourages horses to drink
  • For moderately sweating horses in less tropical regions, Cell-Salts is recommended

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