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Lickimat Cat Slomo

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Lickimat Cat Slomo

LickiMat® Slomo™ provides cats with the perfect enrichment feeding bowl for serving wet, dry food and treats without any mess.

The Slomo is also a great slow feeder for cats that eat too fast while reducing anxiety and boredom.

Lickimat® is a unique and versatile product range designed by vets. It is designed to improve your pet’s mental and oral health by encouraging licking action and stimulation on your pet’s tongue.

Did you know? Licking releases a calming hormone in both dogs and cats. It's a great and natural way to relieve anxiety!


  • Promote slower, healthy feeding – Slow feeder bowl help reduce cat’s feeding from seconds to many minutes. Improve digestion and reduce bloat. Makes a small meal last longer. Perfect for cats and kittens.
  • Serve wet and dry food together – Serve wet, liquid and dry food together without making a mess. Separate foods using the pocket or bump sections to create treats serve meal or to create long-lasting snacks.
  • Alternative to feeding bowl – You can serve raw, wet, dry, freeze dried and liquid food at the same time without making a mess. LickiMats are also perfect for adding supplements and medications to treats.
  • Healthier teeth and gums – LickiMat surfaces promote pleasurable licking for dogs. The licking action generates saliva that helps protect your pet’s teeth and gums. Scrapes food particles and odor-causing bacteria off your pet’s tongue, promoting healthier teeth, gums and fresher breath. It can also aid digestion as saliva contains enzymes such as Amylase.
  • Perfect for fussy eaters - Slow down eating without the struggle of navigating mazes and bumps. The low profile design is whisker-friendly to make feeding more enjoyable, even for fussy eaters.
  • Freezer safe, hand washable and microwaveable

Material: TPR and recyclable Polypropylene

Product Dimensions: L: 20 cm x W: 20 cm x H: 1.7 cm


  • This is not a chew toy. Do not allow your pet to chew this product.
  • Supervise pet for first few uses.

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