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Mitavite Hoofgain (Dr Biffs Hoof Supplement)

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Mitavite Hoofgain (Dr Biffs Hoof Supplement)

Vitamite Dr Biff's Hoof Supplement is perfect for injured or poor quality hooves, thin brittle walls, thin soles, easily bruised heels, poorly formed frogs or laminitis.

Vitamite Dr Biff's Hoof Supplement  aids in the prevention and treatment of hoof disorders:

  • Injured or poor quality hooves, thin brittle walls and thin soles
  • Easily bruised heels, poorly formed frogs
  • Horses or ponies with laminitis.
  • Very palatable formulation

The supplement provides all nutrients required to accelerate keratin production.

Whilst keratin production happens naturally in response to injury or insult, it can only occur if all nutrients required are available and consumed daily.

Dr Biff's Hoof Supplement has dramatic effects on the rate of hoof repair and regeneration and unlike many Methionine containing supplements which deter feeding, this supplement is very palatable.

It is also non-siftable which defeats the horse's ability to leave a portion of powder in the feed.

Dr Biff's Hoof Supplement contains:

  • Biotin - well recognised as a rate-limiting nutrient for hoof growth and hoof quality.
  • Methionine  - and Cysteine which can be synthesised from it, are the sulphur containing amino acids which are required more by keratin than any other tissue, often deficient when accelerated growth is required.
  • Zinc - if supply is marginal, tissue with abnormal demand is the first to suffer.
  • Vitamin E - essential to additional keratin production.
  • Vitamin A - one of the carotenoids essential to all keratinized tissues, needed mostly by horses not on high quality fresh pasture.
  • Omega-3 - all membranes, including hoof wall microtubules, and laminae, must have omega-3 to be built with suppleness and strength.
  • Iodine - iodine- deficient horses often show poor hoof quality.

Daily Feeding Guide: Feed 120g (2 scoops) per day The scoop supplied holds approximately 60g

SIZES:  7kg; 20kg

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