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Mitavite Vitamite Anazolic

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Mitavite Vitamite Anazolic


Mitavite Vitamite Anazolic

Suitable for: horses with reduced appetite or requiring more topline and muscling

Mitavite Vitamite Anazolic is an appetite stimulating supplement ideal for horses under heavy work or racing. Anazolic is a potent source of gamma oryzanol, a plant derived antioxidant with anabolic effects that has also been shown to have protective effects against stress induced gastric ulceration in other species. Anazolic may also be used to improve topline and muscling or as an aid to preparing yearlings for sale.

  • Appetite stimulant for horses
  • Contains gamma oryzanol, an extract derived from rice bran oil. Gamma oryzanol has also been shown to have protective effect against stress induced gastric ulcers in other species
  • Ideal for horses with reduced appetite under heavy work or racing
  • Also suitable for horses requiring more topline and muscling and yearlings being prepared for sale
  • A proven appetite stimulant for horses lacking condition, muscle & topline.
  • Registered with APVMA as an appetite stimulant for horses.

Directions: Mix 60 to 90g (1 scoop contains 30g) into morning or evening feed.

Mitavite began in 1987 with the goal of taking the guess work out of equine nutrition by providing everything a horse needed in one bag. More than 30 years on, Mitavite horse feeds are manufactured in a state of the art computerised feed mill on the New South Wales central coast using an advanced steam extrusion process that enhances the digestibility of grain starches. With so many horse feeds available on the market, Mitavite feeds stand apart with their superior amino acid profiles and the effect that this can have on the growth, development and quality of life of horses across all age groups and disciplines

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