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NexGard Chewables for dogs 4.1 - 10kg (BLUE)

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The next generation in combined flea and tick protection for your dog has arrived.. Introducing NexGard!

The first internal flea and tick protection that lasts for an entire month and won't rub or wash off.

Nexgard is the only product available in Australia that:

  • Kills both fleas and ticks including the deadly paralysis tick, brown dog tick and bush tick and lasts for an entire month
  • Has an easy to remember Monthly dosing routine
  • Is a tasty internal beef flavoured chew ( not a tablet) that wont rub or wash off
  • Is made from a soy based protein that is safe to use on dogs that suffer from food intolerances
  • Can be given with or without food
  • Safe for puppies from 8 weeks old and more than 2kg of body weight
  • Safe for dogs that swim or are bathed frequently without fear of the product wearing or washing off
  • Safe for shared dog/ cat households
  • Safe to use with other hearworm/ intestinal worm control products

Did you know that many dog owners treating their dog for fleas mistakenly beleive that they are also protecting their dogs against ticks?

 A recent survey proved that 82% of dog owners living in a paralysis tick areas where not protecting their dogs correctly.

NexGard has been proven to start providing effectiveness against ticks including the Paralysis tick, 2 hours after dosing. It also controls fleas after 8 hours of administration and continues to control flea infestations for an entire month. 

Directions for use:

  • Simply give NexGard to your dog once a month, with or without food, ensuring that they consume the entire chew.
  • The chew can be broken up and placed inside food, making sure that the entire chew is still consumed
  • We do not recommend breaking NexGard in half and administering it to two dogs as cannot guarantee that the active ingredients is evenly dispersed throughout the chew.


  • Nextgard has not yet been tested on pregnant or lactating bitches
  • Nextgard is registered for use in dogs only and should not be given to cats

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