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Nutrimol Vitagran Seaweed Meal

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Nutrimol Vitagran

Nutrimol Vitagran Seaweed Meal is an organic feeding supplement for animal health certified by NASAA as suitable for organic farming. It is ideal for the complex dietary requirements of beef, dairy cattle, sheep, dogs, alpacas, pigs, horses, emus, and poultry.

Nutrimol Vitagran Seaweed Meal is made entirely from seaweed, harvested from clean, unpolluted waters, then dried and pulverized. It is a rich nutritional package containing over 50 essential, naturally-balanced trace elements, minerals, and amino acids, including vitamins A, B1 and E, copper, cobalt, magnesium, and iron.

Nutrimol Vitagran Seaweed Meal helps to:

  • Reduce the incidence of loss of body weight (cobalt).
  • Boost resistance to parasites and diseases (cobalt, copper, and zinc)
  • Reduce scouring and dehydration (cobalt & copper).
  • Boost general health-promoting healthy eyes, teeth, and coat (cobalt, copper, and zinc).
  • Reduce finishing times.

VITAGRAN SEAWEED MEAL Vitagran Seaweed Meal is a natural, balanced source of vitamins and minerals. It contains over 50 different elements and has been used for centuries as a supplement in animal/stock feeds.

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