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Orivet Genopet- Dog DNA Breed ID Test Kit + Life Plan

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Orivet BREED ID – Dog Breed DNA Genetic Testing + LIFE PLAN™

The Dog Breed Identification DNA test reveals the breed(s) that make up your dog. The comprehensive report will note the percentage of breeds that determine your pet's ancestry and includes an up to 3-generation ancestry report (up to great grandparent level) and includes a personalised LifePlan™.

Knowing the breeds that make up your dog can help you make better decisions around their health and can provide an insight into your dog's personality and behaviour. The report will also indicate if your dog is susceptible to any heritable health risks and what you should do about them.

If your dog is still a puppy (under 12 months of age), knowing the breed makeup can help predict what your dog is expected to weigh in adulthood. Nutritional suggestions are also made based on the breeds identified in your dog.

The results of your dog's Dog Breed Identification DNA test are presented in an interactive online account where you can constantly update your pet's details including weight, body condition, nutrition, health records and medication. The information in the report and in your online account can be easily shared with a veterinarian.

The report also includes your pet's very own personalised wellness plan based on the breeds determined, your pet’s age, weight, gender, geographic location and lifestyle. The LifePlan™ includes a schedule you may follow with your veterinarian to implement a customised wellness plan for your pet.

  • Percentage Levels of Each Breed
  • Adult Weight Prediction
  • Insights into Your Dog’s Personality and Behaviour
  • Discover heritable health risks and what to do about them
  • Nutritional Suggestions for your Dog
  • Routine health care advice and alerts e.g. vaccination overdue

What’s in the Kit?

  •  Sterile DNA Collection Swabs
  •  Information Brochure with DNA Collection Instructions
  •  Self-Addressed Pre-Paid Envelope

How Do I Get My Results?

Results are presented in an interactive online account where you can constantly update your pet’s records such as weight, body condition, nutrition, health records and medication.

You can easily share your pet’s profile with your veterinarian, health care providers, family and friends.

How does it work?

  1. Activate Kit Online (you will need to create an account on the Orivet website shown on the kit)
  2. Collect Your Dogs DNA and post the swabs back for testing in the Included Pre-paid envelope.
  3. You will get an email when the results are ready. – comprehensive results can be viewed by logging into the Orivet Account created in step 1 above (best viewed on a computer).

About Orivet

Orivet is an institutional member of the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG), a member (sponsor) of the International Partnership for Dogs (DogNet), a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate collaboration and share resources to give a boost to the health, well-being, and welfare of dogs all over the world.

Orivet is also included within the World Small Animal Veterinary Association hereditary disease checking out database. The Orivet laboratory is accredited in keeping with ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The laboratory also meets the necessities of A2LA R216.


  • This BREED ID – Dog Breed DNA Testing & LifePLAN™ are run by Orivet Genetic Pet Care – Please contact the Orivet Melbourne Helpline support phone number { +61 (03) 9534 1544 } If you have any specific queries about the product or need help in activating the kit etc.
  • Aussie Vet Products are an authorised reseller of this product. Our helpdesk staff are not trained to give you specific product support.
  • Aussie Vet Products do not have any control whatsoever in the testing & reporting from this product. The Orivet DNA kit is a well-established Dog DNA test kit that has been available since 2010. Please direct all queries to the Orivet Helpline support Number.
  • This Test is suitable for Dog's Only.
  • Please note that the DNA kit comes with 2 swabs only. The product videos and box may show 3 swabs but Orivet have confirmed to us that the swabs provided are adequate. 
  • The Turnaround for this test is up-to 4 weeks upon receipt of sample to the ORIVET DNA Laboratory

ORIVET Helpline

Phone: +61 (3) 9534 1544

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