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Peckish Dried Crickets 70gm


Peckish Dried Crickets 70gm

Peckish Crickets are a great source of protein for reptiles, chickens, caged/wild birds and hamsters. Simply place some dried crickets in a clean feeding dish or with their existing food for your pets to enjoy.

If dried mealworms creep you out or, heaven forbid, your chooks don't eat them and you still want to spoil your flock, Peckish Dried Crickets are a great option.

They are a great protein boost and add some variety to what must be, at time, a pretty boring diet (especially if your chooks don't get to free range as often as they would like). Suitable for a range of animals including chickens/poultry, reptiles, wild/caged birds and tropical fish.

Feeding Instructions

Simply throw a handful to your chooks, fill the inside one of our great peck toys or add to their feeding bowl to be their favourite Human EVER!!!

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein (min) - 54%

Crude Fat (min) -12%

Crude Fibre (max) - 15%


100% dried crickets

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