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Peckish Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 3.5kg


Peckish Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 3.5kg

Peckish Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellets have been specially formulated as a high protein and fibre feed for rabbits and guinea pigs. These pellets have also been formulated to meet the vitamin and mineral requirements for healthy growing animals.

Feeding Instructions:

Peckish Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets should be introduced gradually. Any change of diet should occur over a 7-10 day period as sudden changes in diet can cause digestive problems. If digestive problems arise, reduce the amount of Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets and substantially increase the amount of roughage until normal digestion occurs.


Wheat, Barley, Oats, Canola, Maize, Soy meal, Lucerne, Bran, Bentonite, Salt, DCP, Vitamins & Minerals.

Ensure fresh drinking water available at all times.


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