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Prydes Easi Off-The-Track - Racehorse Rehabilitation 20kg


Prydes Easi Off-The-Track

Quality Nutrition for Natural, Long-term Health in Your Ex-Racehorse.


  • Ex-Racehorses
  • Pleasure
  • Pony Club
  • Equestrian

Why Easi Off-The-TrackĀ®?

  • Set recipe formulation with the same premium quality proteins and essential amino acids used in every batch for incredible muscle building capacity.
  • Low starch formulation with a yeast prebiotic to rehabilitate hindgut bacterial populations and re-establish a healthy gut for efficient fibre fermentation, weight gain and B-vitamin production.
  • Canola oil provides omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for brilliant coat shine.
  • Cool energy feed to keep horses calm during re-education.
  • Low salt formulation to reduce irritation of gastric ulcers.

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