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Prydes EasiFeed Two Concentrate 25kg

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Prydes Easi Feed Two Concentrate

Complete Nutrition for Sound Growth & Fertility

EasiFeed Two Concentrate ® is a scientifically formulated, complete, oat free sweet feed to meet the needs of yearlings, broodmares, stallions and 2 year olds in training.


  • Yearlings
  • Broodmares
  • Stallions

Why EasiFeed Two®?

  • Set recipe formulation with the same premium quality proteins used in every batch for incredible muscle building capacity and milk production.
  • Extruded (cooked) to allow horses to fully extract nutrients and maintain healthy hindgut function.
  • Contains minerals carefully selected for purity and bioavailability that will support sound bone and joint development.
  • Concentrated formulation allows you to add your own grains when additional calories are needed.
  • Palatable recipe that will be readily accepted by all horses.


  • Vitamin and Mineral Pellet (soybean meal, millmix, wheat, calcium phosphate, lupins, faba beans, barley, Pryde's trace mineral and vitamin premix with Bioplex® trace minerals, limestone, salt, magnesium oxide, dried molasses, cold pressed canola oil, lysine)
  • Extruded Corn
  • Extruded Lupins
  • Extruded Full Fat Soybean
  • Molasses
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Lucerne Chaff
  • Salt

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