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Prydes EasiPrep Concentrate - Show & Sale Preparation 25kgs

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Prydes EasiPrep Concentrate

Get Horses Looking their Best From the Inside, Out

  • High quality sweet feed for show and sale preparation.
  • Pryde's EasiPrep Concentrate™ is a concentrated feed containing extruded grains, protein seeds, oils, vitamin and mineral pellets, Yea-Sacc®1026, a live yeast culture, and molasses.
  • Scientifically formulated for blending with oats, or fed by itself, to compound a feed that provides balanced nutrients for optimum health, growth and development,
    Fortified with cold pressed canola oil and sunflower seeds, containing both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids essential for brilliant coat shine and the maintenance of healthy cell membranes.
  • The trace-minerals and vitamins in Pryde’s EasiPrep Concentrate™ are incorporated into Pryde’s Ex-Pel Pellet™ which optimises digestibility, maintains potency and avoids sifting out


  • Suitable for All Disciplines

Why EasiPrep®?

  • Set recipe formulation with the same premium quality proteins used in every batch for incredible muscle building capacity that will draw the eye of any judge or buyer.
  • Extruded (cooked) to allow horses to fully extract nutrients and maintain healthy hindgut function.
  • Combines organic copper plus omega fatty acids from full fat soybean, canola oil and black sunflower seeds, to give brilliant coat colour and shine.
  • Concentrated formulation allows you to add your own grains or any of the feed from the Pryde’s EasiFeed range when additional calories are needed.
  • Palatable recipe that will be readily accepted by all horses, even when travelling.

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