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Prydes EnergyPak Extruded Corn + Full fat Soybean 20kgs


Prydes EnergyPak

Six Times More Digestible Than Cracked Corn

  • Use EnergyPak to replace whole, cracked or flaked corn in a horse’s diet. 
  • The starch in EnergyPak is six times more digestible than uncooked corn in the small intestine, giving a horse’s muscles 6 times more glucose to fuel anaerobic (fast) sprints than raw corn.
  • EnergyPak keeps starch out of a horse’s hindgut and dramatically reduces the risk of hindgut acidosis; meaning horses will digest fibre efficiently and maintain appetite, weight and hoof quality; which all combine to keep horses healthy and in training for longer.
  • Superior digestibility will allow you to feed 25% to 50% less corn than a ration using whole or cracked corn.
  • Set recipe formulation with premium quality soybean protein used in every batch for incredible muscle building capacity.

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