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Tick Key - Tick Remover tool (Assorted Colours)


Tick Key - Tick Remover tool (Assorted Colours)

The USA made Tick Key helps remove ticks easily and safely with their heads still intact, making it ideal for all your outdoor adventures as well as looking after your household pets. This item comes in various colours and a random colour will be sent.

The Tick key is your key to removing ticks entirely from your dog or cat safely and effectively.

The flat shape is easy to store or carry. Keep one on your keychain, dog collar or lead, or inside your wallet or toolbox.

Early and correct removal of ticks has been shown to prevent tick bourne diseases

The tick key is made from high strength anodized aluminum. It is both durable and easy to keep clean with alcohol

There are counterfeit versions of the Tick Key out there but don't be fooled by some of these inferior products that use poor quality materials and dont have the correct angles to safely remove all ticks without leaving anything behind.


  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum construction
  • Doesn't bend, rust or break
  • Small size fits inside first aid kits


  • Place the Tick key loop end over the tick and rest on the skin, so that the tick appears in the larger end of the loop
  • Slide the Tick key along the skin so that the narrow end of the loop slides under the tick
  • Continue to slide the Tick Wrangler slightly up and away from the skin
  • Tick should come away from the skin easily with head intac

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