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Wombaroo Horse Milk Replacement 20kg


Wombaroo Horse Milk Replacement

A nutritionally complete substitute for foals of all breeds.  Use when mother's milk is limited or when foals are orphaned.


Mix ratio: 115g/Litre

Available in 20kg packs


Feeding directions:

Domestic animals are classified as 'Eutherians' as the young are well developed in the mother's womb prior to birth.

Feed new born young Impact Colostrum for the first day then milk every two hours for the next three days, then four hourly till the end of the first week. 

The second week feed milk every six hours. 

The third week feed milk eight hourly until weaning begins. 

The length of time of lactation differs between animal species.  Ask your veterinarian or an experienced carer about when to commence weaning and how long it will take.

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