Making daily pilling easier for a cat

Author: Aussie Vet Products   Date Posted:4 September 2014 

David writes:


Our cat requires pilling daily - very difficult.  We currently mix his pill in your lysine paste which we use for another cat that has had cat flu.  But it's an expensive way to get a pill into him.

Do you sell any sort of palatable non-pharmaceutical paste we could use instead?


Hi David,

Thanks for your question.

Having a look at your previous orders I can assume that your cat requires daily dosing of the feline tranquil formula?

If so there are a few suggestions I could provide to make this easier for you.

1: The tranquil formula are chewable tablets, however if the cat will not take them easily by mouth - try using a pet piller device that makes giving the tablet a little easier.

2: If this is not suitable for you and you are looking for a paste type substance that you can coat the tablet in - you could try either catlax (which is a feline laxative beef flavour)

or nutrigel (which is a sweet ,thick honey consistency which should be easily accepted by your cat. These would both be very safe to coat the tablet in.

3: Alternatively if you are looking for a non-tablet solution for a nervous or stressed cat I can highly recommend 2 products:

  •  feliway diffuser and refill :
  • or thundershirt for cats:

Feliway works by releasing the cat facial pheromone into the cat’s environment to calm the cat and help it to feel at ease with their home surroundings. It marks rooms or objects in the house as safe zones and stops cats for unwanted spraying, scratching or aggressive behaviour.

Alternatively Thundershirts for cats are a good drug free solution to cater to environmental changes such as new house environment, car trips, visits to the vet etc.

They cause a constant calming pressure on the animal.

If I can be of any further assistance to you please don't hesitate to contact me direct on P: 1300 382 263

Kind regards,

Dr Simon