My dog has weeping eyes

Author: Dr Simon  

Judy writes:

Morning Dr Simon.....Would like to know what may be wrong with my Maltese/Shihtzu.....she has weepy eyes they don't have gunk in them just continuously water. I was told that visine eye drops may be ok but I don't want to try that in case they're not ok for dogs. Would appreciate your input. Cheers Judy


Dr Simon responds:

Good Afternoon Judy,

Thanks so much for the interesting question.

Due to animal guidelines I cannot recommend you using Visine Eye Drops, as these are a human grade item.

Currently there are not many eye drops available for sale over the internet. Most eye drops are classified as an "S4" drug, meaning your vet needs to view the dog before prescribing the suitable medication.

If the problem persists I would highly recommend taking your dog to the vet for a checkup.

We do stock an item called Petkin Eye Wipes which will help keep your dog's eyes clean and healthy. These have a natural Aloe Vera base which may help with the irritation.

Otherwise does your dog have tear stains? If so I highly recommend you treat this, as it can cause eye infections. Angel eyes tear stain remover is highly effective with removing the brown staining from around the eyes and mouth.

Kind Regards,

Dr Simon"