Breeding my Bulldog?

Author: Dr Simon  

Sally writes:

Hi Dr Simon, I have a 2 yr old AB bulldog that is very british bulldog like, she has had surgery for elongated pallet and stanotic nares and enlarged tonsils removed. She still has sleep apnea, so she has BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrom), my question is, should she be bred with this condition? My opinion no, but I keep getting told different things. Could you please give me your opinion on this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Sally.


Dr Simon responds:

Hi Sally, It seems like you understand the problem with your dog. She probably has a very flat profile to her face. These dogs have a soft palate which hangs over the epiglottis ( which causes the rattling sound you hear particularly when she sleeps. The only chance you have of producing pups with a reduced tendency to develop this condition is to select a male sire with a more elongated facial profile with little tendency to produce rattly breathing.

All the best, Dr Simon.